ENFIELD GERMAN SHORTHAIRS is a kennel distinguished for its “TOP OF THE LINE”, AKC,  German Shorthaired Pointer progeny that excel in both outdoor and indoor bearing.

Our expert-started pups make ideal additions to a throng of disriminating,  lively families.


Our Founding Dam (Right, above),  Sasha II, hails from Kansas;  she's descended from lines of pointers trained to shadow serious hunter-handlers across the roling Midwestern plains.

German Shorthaired Pointers are devout companions.  They are so say most vets one of the most intelligent breeds of all dogs. They crave affection and require robust interaction with their owners.  They will become depressed or suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long.  They make ideal pets for active families, get along with other dogs and also make excellent watchdogs.

ChocolateLove Throws, AKC-GSP Top Generation

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Waiting For A Miracle  ( Click ^ )

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ChocolateLove —>  Tap  Perky, Pick Of The Kennel's March 15th, 2013 Litter And, Kennel Pedigree Heir Apparent. —>  In The Snow

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Halloween  Puppies!!!  I  Pups Are Anticipated To Be Ready For New Homes By December 21, Holiday Season, 2015  I  Bow-WOW Salutations!

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"Certified AKC" Halloween Treats!  I  Meet The GangPat ^

Charlie Of Eames  I  "Fit To Be Tied"

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Nice Beau Tie— Click ^

“ChocolateLove—5/2016  (Only Months After  Whelping Her Premier litter of  9 Pups) 

chocolate in the field med hr-3

Proudly Postured For Sowing A  Brood of  Westminster-Quality, “Best-Of-All-Breeds” Future Contestants— Pat ^  

PACK  for The Holidays!   I  Last Father’s Day Brood @ 4 Weeks 

The Penetrating Prowess of The German Shorthaired Pointer Is Incomparable.

A "One OF A KIND KENNEL  I  Diretions

Another Compelling Reason To Celebrate The Season   I   White Glove Delivery

Trusty Trainer & Royal Guardian

Bird's-eye View Of Some Recent Crew 

PICKS Of The Litter

The BREEDER, The Artist


Beyond Words

Docked & Dewclaw-done

 Puppy Hits

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