Waiting @ The Door

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The Doghouse Clubhouse— Pet ^

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Sacked & Stacked ^

Our Pups regularly, warmly interact with their expert, breeder/trainers.  Once relocated, Kennel graduates are inclined to grow, day by day, more devout to their new handlers. They yearn to be close by their owners' whereabouts.

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Your dog is the only one on earth who loves you more than it does itself.

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“We often get in quicker by the back door than the front.”


 Pack For Holiday Delivery!

CHOCOLATE,  Kennel, "Heir Apparent ", (Whelped, Saint Patrick's Day, '13) Gets All New Digs!

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Basic Training

Puppy Love

Another GSP Brood Whelped Father’s Day!

 The Artist Breeder


Past Pups On Hand

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