Cricket's cracking, twirling, amber leaves, crisp autumn air swirling about darting, wet, warm kisses inevitably begets puppy love.

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Westminster, "Best of Breed”,  2016 Champ, Look-Alike, Starter Pup.  (Lounging Left) 

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Last Of The Last Litter Of The Last Litters   I  Bidding Underway  I  Heavyweight Class Pups @ 3 Wks. I    Pet ^

July 11, 2017—  Mom-to-be

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"Puppy Carriage”

Our AKC, Kennel sweetheart, ChocolateLove, after clearing her last season, is again formally betrothed to Warmarks top sire & Champ, Tippy's Magnum George.  We're expecting another prize brood sometime in September.  We're anticipating at least 9, camouflage coated, fully liver crowned, ebony clawed pups. 

We're now accepting "pick-of-the-litter" reservations from vetted purchasers. 

“Waiting For A Miracle"

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{ U P D A T E }  

Saturday, September, 16,  (099.6 F; 10 A.M.) —ON STANDBY.

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Serious Inquiries Welcome! 

Puppies will be selected in the order in which they’re reserved.  (remote buyers may pick pups in real time, live action via FaceTime).

*Call:  301-649-3732   I   Email:  enfieldgermanshorthairs.org

pumpkin pup

Our past pup, born from our last litter, that was spawned identically as our expected one, basks in a bin of gourds that wonderfully compliment its “patchless”, rare, radiant, GSP coat.


Kennel starter pups make ideal additions to discriminating sport enthusiasts as well as active families throughout the Country.

All Enfield German Shorthair progeny are rehomed only to pre-screened new homes Vet Certified,  dewclaws removed, tails bobbed, de-wormed, vaccinated to date and neatly groomed after 8 weeks of maternal and domestic socialization.

*We have never in more than ten years of breeding German Shorthaired Pointers had one pup returned to the Kennel for any reason.  Before transferring any GSP that we've nurtured we must feel assured that its prospective new owners are unequivocally capable of accommodating its innate agility, gregariousness and spirited energy level;  and, of course, that they're capable of providing it top tier hygiene and healthcare.

We require that Kennel customers are truly prepared to take on the responsibility of the wonderfully rewarding, sometimes trying, world of AKC canine ownership.  

We ask folks contemplating the purchase of our snature pedigree to read the AKC authored exerpt below.*  After having done so if they're still have the same keen enthusiasm for the Breed as we do,  we urge them to contact us:

Contact:  Anna, Michael— Kennel Mistress, Master

Enfield German Shorthairs


2102 Windham Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902-4310

e:  michaelenfield@verizon.net 

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Voyeur’s Apprehended!   I    BASIC TRAINING pet ^   

*The German Shorthaired Pointer is a friendly, intelligent, and very active breed valued around the world both as a highly skilled bird dog and a wonderful family companion. They are descended from hunting dogs of a type that had existed in Europe for centuries. During the 19th century, when more and more people had access to dogs to hunt with and shoot over—an activity up until then more limited to the aristocracy—breeders sought to develop a smart, versatile gundog who would be “an excellent performer in any type of work, whether in the field, forest, or water.” Their efforts were successful and brought us the German Shorthaired Pointer, the favorite of many dog lovers today.

Owners can vouch for the fact that the breed isn’t an “easy” pet, however, and people thinking of adding a Shorthair to their household should do their research carefully. Certainly, life with the breed is never boring. 


•  GSP’s thrive in water. They’ll literally tow your canoe

•  It gets long well with other dogs.

•  They gravitate to cushiony seats as much as they can.

•  German Shorthair's love playing fetch; carrying and  most anything in their mouth.

•  They often attempt to hide while waiting for some frisby to be hurled.

• They are notorious for jumping and scaling fences if something triggers their attention on the other side;  and, or if they’re left home alone for an extended period of time and grow bored. 


  • German Shorthaired Pointers are remarkably bright, creative clowns. Anything worth having, they will find a way to get it—or get to it.
  • They are very persistent when they fixate on a subject.
  • Pointers are first and foremost bred for hunting, and as such have very strong prey drive. Anything that flits, moves, hops, or jumps will catch their attention.
  • They aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners, or families with no experience with a hunting breed and who have children under seven years of age.
  • They are very strong and swift moving for their size. They can pull a grown man off-balance with little to no notice.
  • They like children, but they can knock them over easily while expressing their affection.  Sometimes an older Shorthair may treat a young child much like they would a mischevious pup.
  • Squirrels are their nemesis.
  • They do shed, but not excessively.
  • A bored Shorthair can be unwittingly destructive if left to its own inclination.
  • They learn quickly at a very young age. Girls begin to settle down about three years of age, boys around four-plus.
  • They can learn by watching, and they have been known to open refrigerator doors if there's a hand-in handle.
  • They are notorious kitchen counter-surfers.
  • They have a high energy level that requires more than a one- or two-hour walk a day. A good Shorthair is a tired one—but they rejuvenate rapidly.
  • They remain young at heart well into their later years. It’s not uncommon for a Shorthair to still be very active and hunting beyond age 10.
  • They love to retrieve and should never be scolded for bringing an item to its owner, regardless of what it is. They should be redirected with a toy if it is a shoe or other personally prized item.


Enfield German Shorthairs pick-pup from its March, 2013 brood, “ChocolateLove” tied w/Champ Sire, “Streakers Hightailing’ Rowdy” at an ideal time of the year;  their conjugation spawned a stunning, robust brood ideal for rehoming over the upcoming holiday season.

On a golden evening in October, ChocolateLove whelped a marvelously patched, rowdy litter of four females and five males:

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Girls ^

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Boys  I  6 Days Young, Tails Bobbed, Dewclaws Done —Pet ^  

PACK  for The Holidays!   I  New Heir Apparent, Sasha The Third

See—  Fashion Photography   I   Portfolio Work


ChocolateLove, Heir Apparent   I  Past Pups On Hand

Charlie Plays Catch   I  On The Lake  ChocolateLove Shuffling Snow

Puppies Lke Roses   I  To Buy Behold

 "Litter Of All Litters!"

Pics Of The Litter  I  Past Pups On Hand

All Weather Pals  I  Tummy Ta-Tum-Tum-Tum!  

Cut-Rate, Organic, Treats

Sisters Will Be Sisters.

Waiting At The Door 

More, "Live-Action" (You Tube) Breed Info: 


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