A friend is someone who is always there to care. 

 Charlie of Eames, Kennel, "Founding, Signature Sire On The Lake 

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 AKC SR30255407 (10-07), "Founding Sire, Enfield German Shorthairs”  —*Pet ^

"Don't walk behind me when I lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, walk just beside me;  and, if  I should park you on a tree, I trust you'll always lookout for me." 

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Charlie of Eame's "Pawprint" —Impressed, 10:50 am, September 15, 2012;

Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

AKC OK   I   Lunchtime

In Memory Of Mom

Ruffin' It Out  

Father’s Day Litter Pups For Sale

Trusty Trainer & Royal Guardian

Charlie Plays Catch

Bow-WOW Birthdays!

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