Trusty Trainer & ROYAL GUARDIAN

big belly boy med hr

Sometimes, a profound sense of recognition grips dogs and people at once;  breathy nuzzling, petting and romping, spontaneously, invaribly occur.

head shot 6 a-copy-4 med hr

"Comrade In Arms"  —Pet ^

anna may 4 2011-2 med hr med hr

“Wunder-frau” & “Wunder-frau”

Away is good but, at home is best. 

Carrot Snatch  I  Lunch Break 

On The Lake   I   A Pal For A Pal

Waiting For A Miracle

 GSP Brood Whelped Father’s Day!

Past Pups On HandI  I  A Pal For A Pal

PACK  for The Holidays! 

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