"Like Mother, Like Daughter"

ChaocolateLove’s 1st of 13 pups thrown, September, 2017 was both cosmetically & emotionally her developing double.

On November 16th, Pup #1, nestled with her new owner, kissed Mom adieu and cheerfully headed off to her new, New Hampshire homesite.

clarice new pup 2013 a med  med hr-25

Clarice was looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy.  She and her husband visited us when they discovered that we were expecting a holiday brood.  They visited—met our spirited Dam, Sasha II , our seasoned Sire, Charlie Of Eames and;  stunning-pup, kennel-keeper  from  last litter—"Chocolate-Love".   

They secured a "pup-to-be" with a conditional deposit. On Friday the 13th, 2013, Sasha II delivered a vibrant brood of six offspring.

After, a good time of casual interaction  they picked their pup;  ...personnal decisions of this nature are not easy but, are often—remarkably rewarding.

To date, their new family is flourishing.   Her dream dog, our family/prize pedigree, has grown grander and to paraprase AKC, evermore, "Breed Commendable".


CHOCOLATE Love, GSP Kennel, Heir Apparent, Gets New Digs!

The Breeder The Artist   I   Comrade In Arms

Ruffin' it Out

Beyond Words

Trusty Trainer & Royal Guardian

Bird's-eye View Of A Recent Crew 

PICK Of The Litter

The Penetrating Prowess of The Pointer

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