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German Shorthaired Pointers excel in snowy weather.  They perk up in the cold of winter and, concurrently, slow down in the heat of summer. Their short, dense coats serve to insulate them from the extremes of most weather. 

Also, their furr works wondrously to protect them from disagreeable water saturation whether on a run or in the swim. 

napoleon dashing-2 med hr

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On The Go In The Snow   I   Stalking Slippery  Slush   I  ChocolateLove’s Snow Day                 

Ruffin" It Out  I  More Bow-WOW Birthdays!

Birds-eye View of The Latest Crew

Stalking Slippery  Slush

Another Pup, Another Day, Goin' Off Another Way

"ChocolateLove", GSP Kennel, Heir Apparent, Gets New Digs!

"Love" on Track

Another Pup, Another Home.


Cosmetic Finishing

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