May Day Heyday

"Enjoy this fantastic time in your dog's life.  Puppyhood is the time when you'll create the foundation for its life long relationhip with you.  It's the time you'll develop, build and strengthen the intuitive bond you'll inevitably, foreverer, share.”

hay hey a med hr

"Hay There!

pup on a roll

"A Roll  In The Hay"

 Pack For The Holidays!

New Puppies   I   'Princess-Pup', Dazzles An All-American New Home!"

Happy Birthdays!

Posing For Posterity

More, Basic Training

Another Atypical Kennel Classic


Pics Of The Litter

CHOCOLATE Love, GSP Kennel, Heir Apparent, Gets New Digs!

Waiting At The Door

Charlie Plays Catch / On The Lake 

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