Tummy Ta-Tum-Tum Tum!

chocolatelove-5-wks-a med hr

June 11, 2016 ^

chocolate-love-june-6-2016  med hr-4

“Incubation”, June 10, 2016 

chocolatelove-6 18 2016 a-3 med hr

ChocolateLove, Saturday, June 18th, 2016 ( Mom-To-Be;  Delivered—July 4th)

ChocolateLove @ six weeks pregnant is pumped both physically and emotionally.  Although she spends a lot of time in sleepy repose when she hears the shuffle of a shoe or sights a leash, hot, hazy or not, she’ll spring to her heels and pounce into action.

Exercise is very important to the expecting bitch!  The fitter she is, the easier she’ll find it to whelp her brood. She’ll have better energy levels, so if her labour is prolonged, the proper care and exercise she has been exposed to will help her cope with delivery.   Obviously she shouldn’t be jumping over obstacles, or be allowed to go tearing around but a good walk at her own pace, twice a day, will do her a world of good.  For the GSP, given their inherent physical confirmation, swimming too is generally encouraged during pregnancy.

White Glove Delivery

Paper Training  I  Bird Dog Practice

Charlie Plays Catch / On The Lake 

"Love" on Track

Charlie On The Lake 

Waiting At The Door  I  Past Pups On Hand

Ruffin' It Out  / Starter Dogs 

Atypical Kennel Classic

On The Road


PACK  for The Holidays!   I  Last Father’s Day Brood @ 4 Weeks 

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