Pack For The Holidays

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The torch has been passed— Meet, ChocolateLove, maiden-in-waiting, 2014  Pet ^

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"That Puppy In The Window”

Seasons Grrrrrreetings!


The German Shorthaired Pointer has an abuntantly cheerful personality. It gets relentlessly enthusiastic over most everything—whether it be going for a walk, hunt, trip, performing for treats, attending sporting, family, party events and so on. 

Because The GSP is so people oriented, it yearns to please just about everyone. 

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There’s no place like home for the holidays.  I  The Doghouse Clubhouse —> Tap ^

All Litter Pups Sold; Graciously Rehomed!

— Posted, January 11, 2015)

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The Last Pup Of Last Fall’s Litter Selected— “ Sasha” Was Rehomed To A  NYC,  Globally Eminent,  IT Ad CEO.

11 Week Old  GSP, Kennel Protege “Going Places”;  Rustling  In Anticipation Of A Chauffered Limo Trek To Its Future Loft Digs Adjacent NYC’s East River.  

Rin Tin Tin—" Eat Your Heart Out!”

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New Litters Expected Fortuitously;  Browse Back By Soon.

Posing For Posterity  Wunder-Frau

Another Good Reason To Celebrate The Season

Waiting At The Door

Charlie Plays Catch   I  On The Lake  I ChocolateLove Shuffling Snow

Puppies Lke Roses    I    More:  "Litter Of All Litters!"

Past Pups On Hand

Training on Track

Picks Of The Litter

"Live-Action" (You Tube) Informative Breed Snippet:

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